QuickTip : Sending custom data from scripts to Log Analytics Workspace

In the Azure cloud Log Analytics workspace, Azure sentinel, Azure Monitor, PowerBi and other cloud services provide unique capabilities for logging, monitoring and reporting. In this quick tip I am going to share a Powershell Script that can help send custom data into Log Analytics workspace based on which you can then create Sentinel Analytics […]

Azure Sentinel Sync with ServiceNow using REST API

One of the important SIEM use case is incident management and Azure Sentinel offers robust features that help the organizations manage the life cycle of security incidents and alerts. Since ServiceNow is one of the most widely used tools in IT and is growing rapidly, organizations need to integrate ServiceNow with Azure for asset discovery, […]

Quick Tip: What is Accelerated Networking?

The accelerated networking provides consistent ultra low network latency via Azure’s in-house programmable hardware and technologies such like SR-IOV. By using Azure’s software defined networking stack, packets are offloaded from the VM CPU’s to the FPGA-based Smart NICs, thereby leading to compute cycles being reclaimed by end user applications running on the VM, putting less […]